Psychology in the field of mind

Once we understand the mental mechanism and psychic processes of the mind we can use this understanding, this knowledge for our development spiritually, mentally and physically. In the preface of the Yoga Sutras, there is much dedicated to the importance of studying the mind. Simply put, in order to live a happy life and avoid pain and suffering one must understand the causes of these states. Knowing and understanding the mechanism behind their psychic phenomenon is necessary.

No phenomenon is accidental.  There is a continuity of cause and effect underlying our mental life. We are familiar only with conscious mental life this is not the whole of the psyche” Mishra

So what does this mean? Our minds are made up of the conscious, the unconscious and the superconscious. These three areas of our mind have various subclasses of mind.  I will delve more into this as we go.

 “Though mind is invisible, minds operation are recognized in its actions and reactions on the body. All physical and physiological phenomena are manifestations of psychic phenomena. Vice versa, psychic phenomena manifest physiological phenomena. Mind and Body are not separate and distinct realities.” Mishra

That is the foundation.

In the advanced stages of understanding one will experience the multiplicity of the mind and the multiplicity of the body operating in unity as one with the cosmos.


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