Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness, the words sound like something elusive to me. To achieve or attain Higher consciousness, the words themselves imply an almost impossibility. Higher, being above and beyond, somewhere ‘out there’ in the ether world. Higher consciousness seems like a way to describe the unattainable because it is higher and far beyond my reach. If […]

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MULADHARA   The sounds of the chakras are from the root sounds of the Sanskrit language. Adding the sounds of the Chakras to your meditation will energize the Chakras (the subtle energy centers of the body) and create deep relaxation, a calm demeanor, and inner peace. The first Chakra sits at the base of the […]


What is yoga?

Yoga is a discipline. It is an ongoing, deliberate and conscious set of behaviors. These behaviors encompass all area of life for the serious student of yoga. A serious student will gradually, through patience and regular practice lead the mind away from unreality to reality. The student of yoga will begin to manifest the truly […]

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Psychology in the field of mind

Once we understand the mental mechanism and psychic processes of the mind we can use this understanding, this knowledge for our development spiritually, mentally and physically. In the preface of the Yoga Sutras, there is much dedicated to the importance of studying the mind. Simply put, in order to live a happy life and avoid […]

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Rammurti S. Mishra

Hello and Blessings. I have been studying the Yoga Sutras for many years.  The Yoga Sutras by Rammurti S. Mishra can awaken you to an enlightened mind. In this blog, I will share my feelings, thoughts, and experience from the perspective of yogic thought and the teachings of Rammurti S. Mishra. This book is based on the teachings of […]

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The Chakras

The chakras are subtle energy centers within the body. The classical understanding of the chakras defines this as physic centers that allow one to progress towards an enlightened state of being. The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning  “wheel or disc.” There are seven energy centers within the body. These energy centers are not […]

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The word yoga comes from the root yuj “to link together,” “to bind closely” this root is also the root for the Latin jungere and jugum which, in the English language is the word yoke. Yoga is not simply a series of postures but a philosophy that joins together the body, mind, and soul. It […]

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