Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness, the words sound like something elusive to me. To achieve or attain Higher consciousness, the words themselves imply an almost impossibility.

Higher, being above and beyond, somewhere ‘out there’ in the ether world. Higher consciousness seems like a way to describe the unattainable because it is higher and far beyond my reach. If you also have had this experience, I hope that my interpretation up to now will help you.

I would like to begin with a lecture I heard from Tich Nhat Han.

Tich Nhat Han spoke of the concept of “emptiness” and posed the question “Empty of what?”

“Everything contains everything else, and when you get into that world, you are able to touch everything at the same time. You touch the nature of interbeing.”

Impermanence and non-self

Impermanence is an idea, a notion. Nothing remains the same in two consecutive moments; everything is changing at all times; everything has the nature of impermanence. Things change moment to moment, and at the end of a phase the change has become very drastic, we may not see it anymore, we may think that it has ceased to be, but in fact, our perception is wrong. Sometimes we term things as being, and sometimes we term things as non-being all these things belong to the realm of notions and concepts.

Impermanence is an instrument helping us to touch things more deeply from the angle of time we say impermanent from the angle of space we say non-self.  Non-self means, there is no separate exitance.

We have talked about the flower…if you look deeply into a flower you will find out the flower is impermanent. The flower will die, it is dying now, every moment, and one day you see the flower as a piece of garbage. A flower is always on her way to becoming garbage. That’s impermanence  When we look deeply into a flower we can see .may elements that we can call ‘non-flower elements’ like the sunshine. Sunshine is a non-flower element that is crucial for the being of a flower. Without sunshine, no flower can grow. A flower can not ‘be’ by itself; it must inter-be with sunshine. When we look deeply into a flower we can see the cloud, without cloud there would be no rain for the flower can grow so when I touch the flower I also touch the cloud, I don’t have to fly up into the sky to touch the cloud, I touch the cloud when I touch the flower. And when I touch the flower I touch the compost, that has been made of garbage. Garbage is a non-flower element that is very crucial for a flower I can touch the earth I can touch the mineral I can touch the farmer, I can touch the minerals, I can touch my consciousness, your consciousness in the flower

So non-self means, a flower does not have any seperate existence a flower cannot exist by itself alone it relies on non-flower elements to be; that is what is meant by, Non-Self. Sometimes we describe the flower as empty. Emptiness means…but many people think that to be empty means to be nonexistent that is not true.  It would be helpful full to ask the question….empty of what? And then we say that a flower is full of the cosmos is full of everything is full of sunshine is full of cloud of earth of consciousness of everything in the cosmos except one thing, there is one thing lacking in the flower— that is the existence of a separate self. Empty of what? Empty of the of a separate self. When we say the flower is empty it is empty of a separate self. It means at the sometimes full of everything else in the cosmos. A flower is full of the cosmos it is only empty of a separate existence. Tich Nhat Han

When we speak of higher consciousness, it is helpful to understand this interconnectedness of ourselves as the flower. We are not trying to “achieve” higher consciousness. We ARE higher consciousness. We need only to broaden our awareness of the larger part of our being-ness. We need to open our minds to the awareness that this larger part of ourselves is within reach. We are not only the flower body; we are everything in the cosmos contained within the physical body. Without these elements, we would not exist. Our minds are evidence of a creative, intelligent ongoing evolution.




The sounds of the chakras are from the root sounds of the Sanskrit language.

Adding the sounds of the Chakras to your meditation will energize the Chakras (the subtle energy centers of the body) and create deep relaxation, a calm demeanor, and inner peace.

The first Chakra sits at the base of the spine. It is called the Muladhara (Moo-law-dha-ra)
The element is the earth.
The sense it governs is smell.
It has four lotus petals, represented as the four directions.
The color associated with the first Chakra is red representing the blood of life
Its Yanta is a square

The seed mantra is: lum
The petals sounds: vung, shun, shung, sung

Begin with the sounds of the petals and finish with the seed mantra.


The second Chakra sits at the lower abdomen.  SVA-dish-Tha-na
The element is Water.
The sense it governs is taste.
It has six petals.
The color of the petals is vermilion indicating imagination and new ideas., gratification and desires
It mandala is the crescent moon.

The seed mantra is VAM
The sounds of the petals are; BAM, BHAM, MAM, YAM, RAM, LAM


The third Chakra sits at the solar plexus, at the navel. Man-a-pura
The element is fire.
The sense it governs is sight and emotions
It has ten petals.
The color of the petals is yellow
Its mandala is a triangle pointing downward
The seed mantra is RAM
The sounds of the petals are; DAM, DHAM, NAM, TAM, THAM, DAM, DHAM, NAM, PAM, PHAM


The fourth Chakra sits at the heart. Ana-haut-ta
The element is air.
The sense it governs is touch, spiritual experience, feelings.
It has twelve petals.
The color is green
Its mandala is two triangles, one pointing up and one pointing down to form a star
The seed mantra is YANG


The fifth Chakra sits at the throat. Vish-u-daw
The element is akasha.
The sense it governs is hearing.
It has sixteen petals.
The color is blue.
Its mandala is a circle with a downward pointing triangle.
The seed mantra is HAM


The sixth Chakra sits at the third eye between the eyebrows
The element is Maha Tattva, the place where all the other elements are present in essence.
The sense it governs the mind.
It has 2 petals.
The color is white.
Its mandala is downward pointing triangle, crescent moon, yoni.
The seed mantra is OM
The sounds of the petals are; HAM, SHUM

What is yoga?

Yoga is a discipline. It is an ongoing, deliberate and conscious set of behaviors. These behaviors encompass all area of life for the serious student of yoga. A serious student will gradually, through patience and regular practice lead the mind away from unreality to reality. The student of yoga will begin to manifest the truly desired life of health, peace, happiness, compassion, non-judgment of situations and people, unconditional love, and harmony in all areas of life. All life experience synchronized with their thoughts and all manifestations under one’s control. Yoga can be used to regain health, attain mental clarity, perceive the otherwise unperceivable, attain occult powers, open the door to inner wisdom. But the real aim of yoga is to attain freedom from material desires and gain higher consciousness, Self-realization, God-realization over ignorance, greed, war, hatred, etc. “Yoga is the infallible instrument to obtain nirvana(m), all other perfections, such as mysticism, occult powers, supernatural powers, etc., are secondary aims, and they are bi-products of yoga.” – Patanjali-Yoga Sutra’s

Psychology in the field of mind

Once we understand the mental mechanism and psychic processes of the mind we can use this understanding, this knowledge for our development spiritually, mentally and physically. In the preface of the Yoga Sutras, there is much dedicated to the importance of studying the mind. Simply put, in order to live a happy life and avoid pain and suffering one must understand the causes of these states. Knowing and understanding the mechanism behind their psychic phenomenon is necessary.

No phenomenon is accidental.  There is a continuity of cause and effect underlying our mental life. We are familiar only with conscious mental life this is not the whole of the psyche” Mishra

So what does this mean? Our minds are made up of the conscious, the unconscious and the superconscious. These three areas of our mind have various subclasses of mind.  I will delve more into this as we go.

 “Though mind is invisible, minds operation are recognized in its actions and reactions on the body. All physical and physiological phenomena are manifestations of psychic phenomena. Vice versa, psychic phenomena manifest physiological phenomena. Mind and Body are not separate and distinct realities.” Mishra

That is the foundation.

In the advanced stages of understanding one will experience the multiplicity of the mind and the multiplicity of the body operating in unity as one with the cosmos.


Rammurti S. Mishra

Hello and Blessings. I have been studying the Yoga Sutras for many years.  The Yoga Sutras by Rammurti S. Mishra can awaken you to an enlightened mind. In this blog, I will share my feelings, thoughts, and experience from the perspective of yogic thought and the teachings of Rammurti S. Mishra. This book is based on the teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Mishra is also the author of Fundamentals of Yoga. If you are new to all this, please, get that book. It is one of the best books ever written on the application of yoga.

Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati (Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D.)

The Chakras

The chakras are subtle energy centers within the body. The classical understanding of the chakras defines this as physic centers that allow one to progress towards an enlightened state of being. The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning  “wheel or disc.” There are seven energy centers within the body. These energy centers are not static but move like a wheel or disc to transform physical and psychological energy into spiritual energy. The ancient texts describe these centers as a lotus flower or lotus blossoms with a wheel surrounded by petals.

Our physical body is composed of five elements, the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and akasha. Akasha is the void or space within. Prana which is life force flows through the body and activates the entire system. Prana connects the subtle and gross forms of the human organism. The mind, the ego, intelligence, and emotions are the subtle states of being. Prana is carried through the body by the Nadis. The Nadis are part of the subtle body. The chakras are connected to the central Nadi, the Sushumna, which runs along the spinal column.

The chakras are within us and are active within us at all times whether we are aware of their energy or not.

The seven chakras are:
1) Muladhara Chakra (base of the spine, the element is earth)
2) Svadhishthana Chakra (the genitals, the element is water)
3) Manipura Chakra (the navel, the element is fire)
4) Anahata Chakra (the heart, the element is air)
5) Vishuddha Chakra (the throat, the element is akasha)
6) Anja Chakra (the point between the eyebrows, all elements combined)
7) Sahasrara Chakra (the crown of the head, the transcending of all elements and their influence)


The word yoga comes from the root yuj “to link together,” “to bind closely” this root is also the root for the Latin jungere and jugum which, in the English language is the word yoke. Yoga is not simply a series of postures but a philosophy that joins together the body, mind, and soul. It also links the thought or vibration of the practitioner with the material manifested world. The results produced by the actions of yoga is unity, the unity of mind, body and spirit, the unity of the manifest and the unmanifest. Unity or the joining “linking together” with the Divine to bring forth mastery of self and ultimately moksha (or more commonly known as nirvana) being the ultimate goal. To obtain moksha one has become “realized” meaning, one has attained a state of realization that ultimate unity with the Divine, this is the nature and purpose of yoga.

Yoga is one of the six systems of Indian philosophy. The classical yoga that was devised by Patanjali is the system most recognized in the West.