What is yoga?

Yoga is a discipline. It is an ongoing, deliberate and conscious set of behaviors. These behaviors encompass all area of life for the serious student of yoga. A serious student will gradually, through patience and regular practice lead the mind away from unreality to reality. The student of yoga will begin to manifest the truly desired life of health, peace, happiness, compassion, non-judgment of situations and people, unconditional love, and harmony in all areas of life. All life experience synchronized with their thoughts and all manifestations under one’s control. Yoga can be used to regain health, attain mental clarity, perceive the otherwise unperceivable, attain occult powers, open the door to inner wisdom. But the real aim of yoga is to attain freedom from material desires and gain higher consciousness, Self-realization, God-realization over ignorance, greed, war, hatred, etc. “Yoga is the infallible instrument to obtain nirvana(m), all other perfections, such as mysticism, occult powers, supernatural powers, etc., are secondary aims, and they are bi-products of yoga.” – Patanjali-Yoga Sutra’s

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